Welcome to Windspektrum

As a medium-seized business we offer a wide range of service in the field of wind energy. It includes expert opinion and repair of wind turbine blades in wind energy plants, the cleaning of blades and towers, corrosion prevention, the inspection of climbing units, service lifts and cranes.

Your advantage: The inspection of blades and service units is carried out at the same time. If required the Personal Protection Equipment are inspected too. The inspection of the expiry date first aid kits and fire extinguishers is obligatory.

The time the turbines spend shut off is minimized. Additional rides are not necessary.Profit from our skills and experience – we give an experts opinion, maintain and repair on and offshore wind energy plants – worldwide – no matter what kind of plant. Since 2011 we have been a member of the BDSH.

Our examined experts are competent to deliver an expert opinion on the condition of your blades that is acknowledged by any insurance.